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North Florida oldest Automotive & Hi performance engine and machine shop!
We offer full Engine & machine services, Hi-Performance & Racing engine services, Dyno Services & More.

High Performance Machine Shop - Full Service Engine Machine Shop - Engine Rebuilding - Racing Engines - Blueprint Engines - Crate Engines - Engine Balancing - Cylinder Head Repair - Resurfacing

Latest News from GJA!:

We offer full Engine & machine services, Hi-Performance & Racing engine services, Dyno Services at our new location.

We are a Full Service Engine Machine Shop, we offer High Performance Machine Shop Services, Engine Rebuilding, Racing Engines, Blueprinted Engines, Crate Engines, Engine Balancing, Cylinder Head Repair, Resurfacing and more!

After many years in our old location, we finally made the big move and relocated to a better area. We are now located in Callahan Florida, which is just a few miles north of our old Jacksonville location!

Come out and see us at our new location!

Gary Johns Automotive
540411 Us Highway 1
Callahan, FL 32011


We are working with the new site doing all the engine and machine work for their new engine build up.

This site will feature the complete engine build with many big names such as TRE Racing engines, Skip White Performance, Gary Johns Automotive and others supplying the parts for the engine looking to make over 800HP On motor only!


Rebuild / Remanufacturing Services

Performance Engine Machine Services

Custom Nitrous Installs

Dyno & Tuning Services

Custom Cylinder Head Porting

Remanufacturing / Repair and Machine Services:
We are known for our fast turn around times with every day machine and repair work.

From simple head and valve jobs to total stock engine rebuilds, we handle your needs quickly and affordably.

No matter your automotive machine project or repair including those needing repair in a rush, we are ready to help you with any problem you may have.

Hi Performance Engine and Machine Services:
We work on high performance, racing, blueprint, crate and street engines. We currently build and manage engine work for many drag, oval track, road course and boat racing teams.

We understand that Hi-Performance enthusiasts and racers alike all have different needs and goals, we have the experience to supply exactly what you need in performance work.

Nitrous installs and Superchargers:
Nitrous? - Not a problem here! We are up to speed on the latest use of Nitrous dry or wet systems, we are experienced with using combinations of nitrous with superchargers as well!

We are also your one stop shop for Nitrous refills, Nitrous Kits & parts just contact us today, you'll be on the "gas" tomorrow!

Supercharging -we know what you need for special machine work to prepare a performance motor for using any type of supercharger. From compression ratio concerns to custom machine cutting of intakes or heads we are knowledgeable on the best way to add forced induction to your engine.

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We'll be posting Engine dyno pulls and more!
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We know the rules!

When it comes to precision machine work to meet rules or specific manufacturer part requirements, we know how important it is to be perfect. You can count on us to follow your guidelines or requirements to the letter. From Drag racing to Circle Track, we can make sure you are legal at every event you attend.

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