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Welcome to our Product area of the site.
At the GJA we do not sell parts retail. We do supply parts that are used when we are building a hi-performance engine or race motor. We can get about any brand available today as well! From the latest cylinder head to bearings and studs we only use the best in our builds.

Typical Brands:

Aftermarket performance parts & Hardware:
When we build a Hi-Performance or race engine, we make sure to only use the best in components.

We have worked with all major brands and can advise our customers and clients on what product line is best for their unique application.

It's also important to consider how different brands will interact with each other when used together. Many things must be considered when choosing the right parts, hardware or performance item that will go into your engine.

Generally when it comes to machining an engine, we need the new parts that will go into the engine in order for us to machine to match. A perfect example of this situation is when boring for oversize pistons. To get the proper wall clearance, we need to first measure the pistons then bore and hone the block so that we end up the exact fit we are after.

As a free service to our customers we offer assistance when choosing your engine parts. Customers are invited to contact us to consult on your component and part needs prior to purchase.

We can make recommendations on which part you will need and often can point out potential issues before you've bought your parts and then find you have a problem.

We can also often times tell you where you can save money when purchasing parts by suggesting what parts might be a better choice than just buying the big names and big ticket items.

See a engine buildup in a magazine and want to try to reproduce it?

We can assist you with that! Over the years we've built many engines that when complete performed better than what the magazines ended up making.

We have the resources and "connections", that it's likely we can assist you in finding the right part to fit your exact needs.

Need a engine block core to start your build with? Let us know what you are looking for and we'll help.

We have the resources that we can use to find the right part you are looking for.

When you are happy -we are happy!

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