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North Florida oldest Automotive & Hi performance engine and machine shop!

Welcome to our Shop area of the site.

We utilize the best in machine equipment, you won't find ultra expensive machines in our shop though. Doing the basic or advanced machine operations using anything more than the right machine for the job, would mean jacking up our pricing to cover the cost of all that expensive but unneeded equipment.

At Gary Johns performance engines we have top of the line equipment that has done many engines over the equipment lifetime. With our equipment we are able to cut and machine our parts to exacting standards quickly and correctly time after time.

Dyno Services:

We offer full engine dyno services. We've dyno'd many engines over the years and we can do everything from engine break in, to final tuning to get the most power out of our engine combinations.

Using our dyno room we can test, evaluate and determine what works and what doesn't.

No matter what combination of parts a given engine may be using, we can quickly fine tune any package in order to make the most power.

Visit Us!

Gary Johns Automotive
540411 Us Highway 1
Callahan, FL 32011

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The Shop at GJA!:

We have all the tooling to do any machine work or service needs our customers might need in house.

The GJA machine shop offers a complete solution to your machining needs. We offer a wide variety of services and can machine blocks from start to finish. Honing, boring, prep work and everything in between are all handled in our machine shop.

The procedures and equipment we use and have developed over years of building stock and racing engines gives us the ability to offer a wide range of machining options to customers.

Our staff of machinists can provide any level of machine work required. From repair of regular street engines all the way up to advanced machine service work on all out race engines. GJA has the experience, equipment and ability to offer these services at very competitive rates.
Seat and Guide Machines
Cylinder Boring Machines
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Rebuilding Equipment
Jet spray Washers
Flywheel Grinders
Head and Block Surfacers
Crankshaft Balancers
Valve Refacers
Engine Boring Machines
Crankshaft Grinders
Sunnen Honing Mandrels
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Dyno
Shop Equipment Gallery
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